Amalfi Coast : A Photo Diary

The Amalfi Coast has always been on my hit-list, but I never made plans to visit due to its prestigious status and my thinking that it would be far too expensive. My presumptions were definitely right there…but I’m so glad I finally decided to join friends on a 4-day trip this September to witness its beauty with my very own eyes and not just through my Instagram feed!

Our girls holiday was definitely more of a relaxed ‘explore as you go’ kind of trip, rather than having a strict sight-seeing schedule in place. This worked really well for us, especially as there were 7 of us, so it made it easier for us to separate out into smaller groups and keep everyone happy.

Day 1 – Amalfi

I was the only one from the group traveling from Norwich for our trip, so with a super early 6:45am flight to catch to Naples, I was on the coach to Stansted at 12:30am (yawn). The advantage of such an early start is, of course, enjoying almost a full day when we arrived in Amalfi where we were based. If you are traveling to Amalfi from Naples I would recommend pre-booking your transfer via Pintour Bus for 20 euros as taxi’s can be very expensive even when split between 7…we found out the hard way!

After checking into our Airbnb, we headed out in search of some food and actually found a perfect spot for pizza right by the harbor which was reasonably priced given its prime location.

With full bellies, we headed back to the apartment for a disco nap before heading out around 11pm to Africana Famous Club located in Praia. Luckily, we managed to catch a return shuttle bus for 10 euros from Amalfi, straight to the club, which included free entry. The club was very cool, located in a cave on the cliff edge. The music was spot-on for us and we danced the entire night away. Drinks were pricey but super strong at 12 euros each.

Africana Club

Day 2 – Ravello

After waking up with painful heads we finally made it out of the apartment late afternoon and decided to take a bus to Ravello which is further along the coast and up into the hills.

I fell in love with this sleepy little town which was a lot quieter and less crowded compared to vibrant Amalfi.

The popular Villa Rufolo is located here. Unfortunately, works were taking place in the panoramic gardens when we visited but we could still appreciate the incredible views at golden hour. There were rehearsals taking place for Ravello’s jazz festival so we were treated to a few sneak preview performances in the beautiful surroundings as the sun went down.

Ravello View

Day 3 – Positano

I would say Positano was the area I was most looking forward to seeing. We took the ferry from Amalfi which cost 16 euros with Travel Mar. Other ferry/tour companies charge a lot so make sure you go with Travel Mar if you have the option to. The approach to Positano really is a breath-taking sight to behold with all the shades of peach, pink and terracotta combining to create the most picture-perfect view. There really isn’t much time to take it all in before the ferry pulls in and you have to disembark, so make sure you have your camera ready!

We arrived around midday which meant it was peak time for tourists arriving and the tiny steep streets were incredibly crowded. The heat became quite unbearable, so we decided to find somewhere to chill out and have a drink or two. Luckily we stumbled across the most picturesque spot which would have looked at home in a scene from Romeo and Juliet.

Hotel Murat Positano

The hotel bar of Palazzo Murat had the most beautiful arched windows with balconies and stunning flowers and foliage growing in its gardens and along its walls. You can spot the sea between the surrounding palms and buildings as well as the vertiginous Positano pastel buildings stretching up into the hills. We stayed here for the majority of the day, soaking up the beautiful surroundings, drinking cocktails and laughing a lot, it was just perfect!

After feeling completely rested and hydrated, we made the most of the now quieter streets and took a stroll around taking pictures before catching the ferry back to Amalfi.

Day 4 – Minori and Maiori

On our final day, we headed to Minori and Maiori, two small sister towns located to the south of Amalfi. Maiori being the larger of the two, boasting the largest beach on the Amalfi Coast. They are just a short ferry ride from Amalfi and are situated just 10 minutes’ walk from each other, making it very easy to explore both in the same visit.

They are very peaceful and quaint, so they make for a very chilled afternoon if you combine strolling the colourful streets with multiple stop-offs for Lemon Spritzes on the beach.

Minori Amalfi Coast

After a stunning boat trip back to Amalfi as the sun was setting over the water, we headed out into the town for our final dinner. We opted for the traditional Trattoria Da Gemma and it was such a great choice! Both the food and service were outstanding and it was the perfect way to round off a truly memorable trip.

We’re already thinking about our next girls trip away, where do you think we should head to next? I would love to hear your recommendations in the comments below!

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